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Understanding and optimizing clearance with ABSORBICA-I and Y

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Clearance is the amount of clear space required below the user to avoid hitting an obstacle in a fall.

A: Lanyard length

B: Tearing of the energy absorber

C: Average distance between harness attachment point and the worker’s feet = 1.5 m

: Safety margin required by the standard = 1 m

1. Optimizing clearance

To reduce the clearance it is necessary to limit the tearing of the energy absorber. This tearing depends on the amount of energy to be absorbed, thus the fall distance. In the field, it is advisable to always stay as far below the anchor as possible.

If the situation requires the use of an anchor located below the user, choosing a lanyard that is as short as possible helps limit the potential fall distance. The ABSORBICA VARIO lanyard helps address this type of situation.

2. Clearance progression depending on the user’s weight

Arresting the fall of a heavier user (with his/her equipment) means more energy that needs to be absorbed, so the absorber tear length is greater, which effects the clearance value.

Weight 3 kg


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