We saved 3800 + lives and protecting properties

We saved 3800 + lives and
protecting properties

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Kevin Clendenin, AAS, NREMT/P

Kevin has been a longtime community servant and has dedicated his life to all aspects of the Fire and Emergency Service Industry.  He has served as a volunteer firefighter since 1981 and has served as Fire Chief for the last twenty-five years. He has trained extensively in many states, and on a variety of rivers east of the Mississippi.  In 2016, he put his years of experience to the test when his community in West Virginia experienced historic flooding.  He currently serves as a Task Force Team Leader for the West Virginia Swiftwater Rescue Team, FEMA Type I Water Rescue Team made up of a hybrid of firefighters and members of the West Virginia Army National Guard as well as training the United States Coast Guard and FEMA Type I teams in water rescue.  Along with his fire and emergency service experience, he holds an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Chemical Process Technology from West Virginia State University and currently employed in the Petrochemical Industry.

David Matics, MS, FP/C, NREMT/P

Dave has worked in fire and EMS since 1979. He is a retired fire chief and has 20 years on an EMS/Rescue truck in a busy environment as well as working as a flight paramedic in rural West Virginia. In addition to holding a Master’s Degree in Adult Technical Education, he has taught technical rescue courses for over 30 years across the United States for entities such as the United States Coast Guard and FEMA Type I teams all over the eastern US. He is the Swift Water/Flood Rescue Program curriculum and course developer for Spec Rescue International and a member of West Virginia Swiftwater Rescue Team – A FEMA Type I Water Rescue Team.

Dave values the work as it has been literally the very fabric of his entire life. He wants all of his fire/rescue brothers across the country to know that Rescue Systems International, LLC is a portal through which they can always feel free to call and discuss whatever need they may have and that we will answer to the best of our ability and offer products and PPE at an affordable cost.”  Our network of consultants from the various disciplines of technical rescue is second to NONE! Rescue Systems International, LLC wants to become your primary resource!

Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

Rescue Systems International strives to put the essential equipment into the hands of rescue professionals around the world to assure they always come home safe.


To be an ally of professional rescue entities and personnel around the globe in the selection of essential gear and personal protective equipment


Be an ambassador: We want to be a portal for the professional rescue community to discuss their daily needs and help them succeed safely and ALWAYS go home at the end of their shift!

Be a rock- Clients trust us to deliver quality products and consultation with their unique needs always at the forefront.

Be Informed- Our ownership prides itself on staying on top of an ever-evolving market of state of the art. We pride ourselves on product application knowledge and vow to keep our customers abreast of the fields of change.

Function with integrity- We are always working towards honest and forthright solutions to build a foundation of customer trust.