We saved 3800 + lives and protecting properties

We saved 3800 + lives and
protecting properties

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 Spec Rescue International courses are taught in a manner to be compliant with the body of information as outlined in NFPA 1670 and 1006 Guidelines. It is the responsibility of the Authority Having Jurisdiction ( AHJ )  of any organization or its members that attend courses to follow the FULL recommendations as outlined in these standards where pre-requisites are required prior to attending any course. It is also the responsibility of the AHJ to assure full compliance with these standards in regard to placing any of its members in the line of service in any technical rescue disciplines. The AHJ or any of its student members acknowledge that certain technical rescue standards encompass requirements beyond the scope of the course component and fully acknowledge that, while Spec Rescue International offers the course component, full standard compliance rests with the AHJ.

Course Description

  • Characteristics of large animals in stressful environments
  • Restraint and containment of large animals
  • Ropes, knots and rope systems
  • Large animal sling lifts
  • Roles of the animal’s owner, veterinarian and law enforcement officers
  • Live animal handling (optional)
  • A-frame or Tripod use

What to Expect

You will be given a contact cell number for the Course Lead.

Your PPE should include:

  1. Helmet
  2. Gloves
  3. Footwear appropriate
  4. Clothing appropriate for weather