We saved 3800 + lives and protecting properties

We saved 3800 + lives and
protecting properties

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 Spec Rescue International courses are taught in a manner to be compliant with the body of information as outlined in NFPA 1670 and 1006 Guidelines. It is the responsibility of the Authority Having Jurisdiction ( AHJ )  of any organization or its members that attend courses to follow the FULL recommendations as outlined in these standards where pre-requisites are required prior to attending any course. It is also the responsibility of the AHJ to assure full compliance with these standards in regard to placing any of its members in the line of service in any technical rescue disciplines. The AHJ or any of its student members acknowledge that certain technical rescue standards encompass requirements beyond the scope of the course component and fully acknowledge that, while Spec Rescue International offers the course component, full standard compliance rests with the AHJ.

Course Description

All of SPEC RESCUES’ US&R programs are taught by FEMA certified instructors, and in many cases represent the same instructional staff used to train the Federal Task Forces. Our customers have lots of questions regarding the use of ODP funds for US&R Training. We assisted in providing ODP and DHS with guidelines for developing requirements, and have provided grant-based training to Florida, Oregon, Connecticut, New Jersey, Michigan (WHO ELSE). ODP grant guidelines state the following:

Urban Areas shall conduct search and rescue training in compliance with NFPA 1670 and 1006. Only Urban Search and Rescue courses approved by FEMA and delivered using FEMA-certified providers are eligible for use of ODP funds.

The training must not supplant existing resources, but rather build additional training capabilities above and beyond those that currently exist. Any additional capabilities pursued through these training opportunities must meet a specific need identified through the homeland security assessment process and must comport with the State or Urban Area Homeland Strategy.

If the basic foundational US&R courses fully addresses the fire service or hazardous materials sections included in the ODP Emergency Responder Guidelines, and the ODP Homeland Security Guidelines for Prevention and Deterrence, no additional CBRNE-specific training is necessary for eligibility purposes. However if the foundational US&R course does not fully address these guidelines then the student must complete a follow-on CBRNE awareness training within a reasonable timeframe in order for the US&R course to be considered an allowable use of ODP funds.

These US&R courses are intended to build critical capacity at the state and local levels. The execution of this training is the stated capacity-building context is unrelated to designation of national US&R teams. Therefore, states with UASI jurisdictions may not request such designation based upon training.

DHS/ODP FEMA Specialty Programs Courses

US&R Task Force Leaders Course

This program prepares your Task Force leaders to understand how the system works, its concept of operations and how to fulfill their roles during all aspects of the systems engagement including administrative, deployment, operations, political interaction, disengagement and return to readiness. Designed to senior leadership responsible for leading and managing task force functions when not deployed. Course requires 5 days (40 hours).

US&R Planning Officer and Technical Information Specialist

This combined program provides the necessary training for your Plans Officers and your Technical Information Specialist. If focuses on effective planning processes, development of an incident action plan and provides training for your Plans officer on their responsibilities during US&R Operations and administrative times. This program also provides training for the Technical Information Specialist on capturing and developing deployment information as it becomes available, photography, report development and integration of information into the planning process. Course requires 5 days (40 hours).

US&R Safety Officer - 5 Days

This program is designed to provide your US&R Safety Officers the tools they need to function at the scene of a complicated collapse and WMD incident. It provides the administrative, deployment, operational and demobilization aspects of Safety, integration with medical, planning and task force leadership. Course requires 5 days (40 hours).

US&R Logistics Specialist

This program is designed to train logistics personnel to effectively manage, deploy, maintain and manage your US&R cache. Additionally it prepares them for deployment, field operations, disengagement and return to readiness as any Task Force operating at the national level would do. Personnel receive intensive training and will be qualified to manage all hazardous materials and prepare and certify cargo for shipping on aircraft and ground.

Requirements: US&R equipment cache, access to aircraft. Course requires 7 days (56 hours).

US&R Technical Search Specialist

This program provides all of the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities for your technical search personnel to develop strategy and tactics to implement searches during recon, and operations at structural collapse operations. It provides the necessary instruction on use, care, maintenance and tactical applications of all search tools carried in the cache and provides information on how technical search integrates into the overall operation.

Requirements: US&R Technical Search Cache and work site. Course requires 6 days (48 hours).

US&R Medical Specialist - 6 Days

This program is designed for physicians and paramedics associated with the Task Force. It is designed to provide medical personnel with the necessary KSA’s to operate during all aspects of the mission. It addresses team health and safety, medical cache, confined space medicine, BOO coordination, treatment protocols, and all aspects associated with the medical and health care aspects of the mission.

Requirements: US&R Medical Cache and work site. Course requires 6 days (48 hours).

US&R Heavy Rigging - 4 Days

(Requirements: Cranes and work site). Designed to teach advanced rigging and crane skills as well as heavy equipment applications, this course is designed for your US&R Heavy Rigging Staff and Rescue Specialist. An in depth look at rigging, cranes, engineering and other aspects of successfully moving and securing debris at collapsed sites.

US&R Communications Specialist

This program is designed to provide the necessary KSA’s for US&R communications specialists. It includes working with and deploying all equipment in the US&R communications cache including radios, repeaters, satellite phone systems, BOO operations, liaison operations, radio frequency applications and planning.

Structural Collapse Technician

This high level technician course meets and exceeds the NFPA 1670 and 1006 standards, and is based on the exact course outline of the FEMA US&R course taught to the national task forces. This course fully addresses CBRNE- specific training, and SPEC RESCUE INTERNATIONAL is a FEMSA certified provider, eligible for funding through ODP programs. This is THE course for the serious rescue technician. At the conclusion of this course the Student shall be capable of hazard recognition, equipment use, and techniques necessary to operate safely and effectively at structural collapse incidents involving the collapse or failure of concrete tilt-up, reinforced concrete, and steel construction. They will learn the process for search operations intended to locate victims trapped inside and beneath collapse debris as well as procedures for accessing and extricating victims trapped beneath collapse debris. Combination of hands on activities, field work, lectures, case studies and group work. Course requires 8 days (80 hours) and student to instructor ratio of 10:1.

K-9 Search Specialist Course

This program is designed to provide handlers and K-9’s with the necessary baseline skills to train for work in an US&R environment. It includes working with the handler and K-9 in US&R terrain, basic command functions, search tactics, fundamental K-9 skills and prepares the handler and K-9 for the requirements associated with a Type I and Type II test. This program does not certify handlers or K-9s as Type 1 or Type II.

Requirements: US&R work site and K-9 obstacle course. 5 days (40 hours).