We saved 3800 + lives and protecting properties

We saved 3800 + lives and
protecting properties

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Classroom Based Learning Objectives:

  • Introduction to Standard and terms
  • PPE
  • Hydrology
  • Risk and Benefit
  • Environmental Concerns
  • Water craft types
  • NFPA response model
  • NIMS structure

In-Water Training Objectives:

  • Personnel and group communication
  • Site control
  • Gaining comfort with swimming in rivers
  • Self rescue and rescue priorities
  • Throw bags and basic rope work
  • Foot entrapment extrication
  • Tethered swimmer (live bait)
  • Contact swims
  • Shallow water crossings
  • Hazard avoidance and recognition
  • Knots and anchors
  • Anchor analysis
  • Technical rope systems including mechanical advantage of 3:1, 5:1, 7:1
  • Pig rig mechanical advantage systems
  • Search and extraction techniques
  • Overall emergency assessment and recognition dealing with swift water application
  • Safety Set Layering
  • Tension Diagonal as a safety tool
  • Boat operations on rope systems

Experiential Learning Objectives:

  • Skill set minimum personnel requirements
  • Rehab period evaluation
  • Cold water PPE limitations
  • Forces involved in scene management tools and safety sets
  • Challenges in Swift Water communications
  • Scene assessment

Training Centers

Muscatatuck Urban Training Center

Guardian Center, Perry Georgia

New River Gorge National River

Gauley River National Recreation

What to Expect upon Arrival to Class

  • You will be given a contact cell number for Course Lead
  • You should expect to have a personal vehicle and that it may need to participate in shuttles to and from access points.
  • Instructional staff will coordinate a community fund collected from students to pay for on-site lunches for the duration of the course. This is usually about $7.00 per man per day for cold cut lunches and staff will pack and restock as needed over duration of course.
  • Wetsuits can be rented upon arrival but you need to make instructional staff aware upon booking course.
  • Make staff aware of any medical needs specific to you prior to day one.

Area Accommodations by Course Venue

Muscatatuck Urban Training Center, Sevierville, Indiana

Guardian Center, Perry Georgia​

New River Gorge National River