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Patient packaging and extrication system combine the backboard immobilization of a shortboard with the suspension and support of a full-body harness. The Spec Pak system utilizes an integrated polyethylene board along the back to reduce wear and create a smooth sliding surface for confined space operations. Grab handles located at the head and sides allow rescuers to better handle the patient package during movement through tight spaces. Extremely useful for any confined space operation where a vertical environment is encountered. In addition, the Spec Pak system is a lifting harness, thus eliminating the need for a separate victim harness. Unique self-adjusting (sliding) cervical restraint eliminates the problems associated with lifting patients vertically while secured to a rigid backboard. Storage bag provided is equipped with shoulder and waist straps. Spec Pak is only intended as a limited spinal immobilization system. It must be used in conjunction with proper spinal immobilization such as the use of a cervical collar where conditions and protocols dictate. Designed by Spec Rescue International and Yates Professional. Weight 15 lbs. LIFTING BRIDLE SYSTEM is not included with SPEC PAK 903(Spec Pak will not function in all lifting modes without the use of Lifting Bridles). The use of Lifting bridle is recommended for use in most lifting operations. that do not require Spec Pak to be Intrinsically Safe.  The upper D ring attachment should only be used for short duration lifts 5-10 minutes. Standard and new Spreader Bar lifting bridle systems available(Sold separately). NOTE: Spec Pak Lifting Bridles do not meet non-sparking criteria.

• Spec Pak comes with two sets of forehead and chin restraint straps, one set is 2″wide velcro and one set is vinyl coated Nylon and foam. easily decontaminated. Replacement straps sold individually.

• Meets ANSI/OSHA Class III harness standards. Spec Pac has a 400 lb WLL/SWL 1.77kN

• Combat Medical Systems XCollar universal one size adjustable cervical collar included
• Storage bag has a top connection point for lowering and single shoulder strap for carrying the Spec Pak.

903 Intrinsically Safe Spec Pak with new Cobra D Ring Adjuster Buckles. D ring portion of Shoulder Adjuster buckles is made of stainless steel. Meets intrinsically safe requirements for confined space explosive environments where non-sparking requirements exist. Designed for Navy ship, submarine and aircraft confined spaces where intrinsically safe, non-sparking devices are mandatory. Dorsal D-Ring attachment is nylon coated stamped steel, certified die-electric nonsparking. NEW Cobra chest buckles with built-in D ring attachments now allows for attachment of Yates Bridle Systems. Note: Yates Standard and Spreader Bar bridle systems are NOT Intrinsically safe (Non-Sparking) but can be used with the 903 Spec Pak for sternal attachment in some specific environments where nonsparking protocol does not have to be met. Available in standard Red/Blue/Orange color. 905-IS Intrinsically Safe Bridle systems are now available and can be purchased together with 903 Spec Pak (Part # 903-ISB). Weight 14.5 lbs.

NSN: 6515016522173

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