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Movement and work in the tree using DdRT and SRT with the ZIGZAG

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The ZIGZAG may be used on doubled rope (DdRT) and on single rope (SRT) when combined with the CHICANE. Each technique has advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation.

Note: in this document the name ZIGZAG means either the ZIGZAG or ZIGZAG PLUS models.

Installing the work rope:


  • The arborist selects an anchor on-site and installs it as high as possible in the tree, for optimal movement.
  • Provides tree access for multiple arborists
  • The access rope can be used for rescue or as a work aid by the person on the ground.
  • The top of the tree must be reached before work can begin.


    • Ability to work anytime during access.
    • Ability to work without climbing to the tree-top.
    • The rope may be set up on a releasable anchor, to facilitate rescue.
    • Difficult to check anchor quality before use.
    • Using an anchor set by the throw line, which is not necessarily the best nor the best placed.

Efficiency and ergonomics when returning to the trunk:

  • Pulling on the brake-side rope in double mode provides a self-hauling effect. The rope serves as a fulcrum and reduces the effort needed to climb.
  • Without a special setup, the arborist pulls 100% of his weight when pulling on the rope.

Load on the anchor:


  • The arborist is suspended directly; the load on the anchor is simple.


  • The load on the anchor is theoretically doubled by the “pulley effect” at the rope’s redirect point (depending on the friction at the redirect).


Note: this point will be elaborated in another technical tip as practice can differ significantly from theory.

Weight 3.66 kg


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