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Belaying a climber for tower access with the ASAP LOCK

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When the tower is not equipped with an access system, the first worker must ascend using rock climbing techniques. The worker climbs with a belay from below, regularly passing the rope through intermediate anchor points. Instead of a belay device that requires specialized technique, the ASAP LOCK can be used anchored at the base of the tower to simplify belay maneuvers.

Pass the anchor strap around a fixed anchor of sufficient strength, such as the tower structure. Warning: verify that the anchor has no edges or burrs that could damage the anchor sling.

Perform a function test before each use. Verify that the rope is installed in the correct direction. Be sure the rope passes through the directional carabiner on the anchor.

Tying in the climber:

The rope is tied to the sternal fall-arrest attachment point on the climber’s harness.


The climber must run the rope through intermediate anchor points spaced a maximum of 2 m apart (maximum fall height 4 m). The operator does not handle the ASAP LOCK: s/he ensures that the rope runs properly. The operator must not hold the rope between the ASAP LOCK and the climber. In the event of a fall, the climber is stopped by the ASAP LOCK, without operator intervention.

If the climber needs to descend, s/he must down-climb, removing the rope from the anchor points. The operator does not handle the ASAP LOCK: s/he gradually takes up slack rope as the climber descends.

Rescue operation:

If the climber falls, requiring rapid rescue:

1. Install an I’D on the rope behind the ASAP LOCK.

2. Install a rope clamp on the taut rope to make a haul system.

3. Pull the haul system rope to slacken the rope and unlock the ASAP LOCK, and to transfer the load to the I’D.

4. Control the descent with the I’D, taking care to keep the brake side of the rope in the directional carabiner.

Warning: to be able to carry out the rescue operation, the total rope length must be at least twice the amount of rope that will be deployed during the work operation.

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